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Book Your Performance 
For Teachers, Students,
Music and Performing Arts Schools, Studios, Festivals, Competitions, Exams

  • Perform on professional Virtual Stage specifically designed for presentation of Performing Arts 

  • Participate in our Recitals for Students

  • Book Virtual Concert Hall for your Event

  • Reach audience and promote your Concert, Studio, School, Program, through a beautifully designed LIVE Internet TV Broadcast

What is the Sound Espressivo Experience program?


SEE is designed with a purpose to provide opportunities for teachers and students to gain performance experience on a virtual stage, without the pressure of competing. 


Can be an alternative or an addition to the usual students' recitals. We believe this format can be beneficial beyond COVID:

  • Many teachers accumulated remote students and this form of teaching is now here to stay. Those students need performance opportunities just as much as those who take lessons in person

  • Even a physical students' recital can benefit from broadcasting, because students' family members and friends don't always live in the same town, they can watch it live 

  • It's a faster and in many cases cheaper alternative to recording, editing, compiling a school's or studio's recital, and uploading it on youtube 

  • It provides a recording which can be edited for future applications to competitions, programs, scholarships, etc

Who is it for?

All performing arts students, teachers, owners of Studios/schools/summer programs/camps/competitions. 

Suitable for students and educators of all performing arts: music, dance, theater, etc

Can accommodate individual performers and groups of any size. 

Fees are calculated per performance time on the virtual stage, regardless of the group’s size. 

What do I get?

  • Complete instructional packet including video tutorials which provides most up-to-date information about best equipment options and practices for streaming and Internet TV broadcasting of a performance. Based on VCHS’ experience of over 600 live broadcasts for top international performing artists, orchestras, opera companies, conservatories.

  • Individual virtual Green Room and tech check session with our A/V engineers and broadcast designers

  • Virtual stage performance experience

  • Links for your community members to watch 

  • Permanent storage and availability of resulting video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other platforms

  • Timestamped sharable link to your individual performance on YouTube which can be used for applications to competitions, festivals, other programs

  • Optional copy of your performance in mp4 video format with Certification of Authenticity confirming date/unedited nature of the recording


Reserve your slot in a Students Recital

Choose the date, length of your performance, provide us your repertory and bio information. 

Check tech requirements

You will receive instructions and a link to your Green Room for your tech check with our A/V engineers and Broadcast Designers

Hunter Mill Music Studio Live Virtual Recital 02.07.2021 Concertos.jpg

Book a Broadcast date for your Studio Recital

We will design a program to suite your event and your goals. Fill out the Booking questionnaire, choose a date, length, number of performers, and meet with one of our Project Managers to finalize details

Book a Broadcast of your Concert, Interview, Presentation of new release

We will design a program to suite your event and your goals. Fill out the Application and meet with one of our Project Managers to finalize details

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Book a Broadcast for your Competition events, Winners' Recital, Festival/summer program events, Master classes, Auditions, Exams

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