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Deliver the most genuine performance that would embody the composer and take us to their world!


        It is remarkable how time effects our interpretation, especially as cultures move on to new ways of

living and interpreting the world around them.  Music is timeless and can take us to place and times away from the present moment and into the world and mind of the composer.  An academic performance attempts to take us to this place and accurately depict the music as close as possible to the way the composer envisioned it.  Artists do this by educating themselves about history and studying composers of the same time and using this to best transform the stage into a gramophone of the past to the audience through themselves.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Genuine Style - stylistic playing matching the style known to be played at the time of the composer is core to delivering an accurate performance.

Genuine Interpretation - all markings and versions of the music need to have been thoroughly understood and expressed closest to the composer's will and intention.

Far and Beyond - it is encouraged and is exciting to see a visual representation of the times in addition to the playing that reflects the time the music was written in and pays respect to the music's history.

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