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The Price Award

Premium international Artist management service for a rising performing artist in development stage of career

This Award is Sponsored by

Price Promotions

Price Promotions is a one-stop shop for artists and has been the bridge between artists and buyers in the entertainment arena for decades as a leader in Artist Advocacy & Management, Concert Management, International Music Competition, Internet TV, and IT services.  We provide direct marketing, advertising, management, public relations and performance opportunities to emerging and highly-credentialed artists and ensembles of many genres.

We work with some of the most accomplished and awarded entities performing today.  More than just traditional services, BAWJP delivers super-targeted products to artists and groups that are cutting-edge. These concepts are absolutely essential to attaining success in this daunting world of music, dance, art and entertainment in general.  The model must change and is changing and by arrangement with Jack Price is leading the way of this modification.  We work in tandem with artists:  for them not against them.   This is a team of artists for artists.

Our services focus on branding the name, then acquiring consideration for the name and then finally engaging.  When interest is expressed we then forge a relationship between artist and decision-maker vicariously through us hopefully creating an opportunity, therefore "taking you to market". This is called the intersection of interest and opportunity. This applies to everything we offer.

We also offer various services and resources that give our people a true understanding of the industry-at-large.  Our "Career Advice with Jack Price" has gained international attention for Jack's hard-hitting, self-effacing and frank direction in this daunting business of entertainment.  In a sense, because of no real market comparison, we like to say we are:  "in all the world, only one!"

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