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Annabelle Wei


Annabelle Wei is a rising seventh-grader from Hockessin, Delaware. Studying with Laura Bossert and J Freivogel, she is an extraordinarily talented young violinist who made her solo recital debut at age 9 and won top prizes at the Oscar Rieding (Slovenia), Vivace International, ODIN International, the Golden Classical Music Awards, and Constantine the Great International Competitions. Her precocious composing skills were also recognized for her performance and original composition, “Midnight Storm” by the Rieding International Competition. Most recently, she performed as the associate concertmaster of the Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra in the 2021-2022 season, and the co-concertmaster of the Delaware Orchestral & Chamber Music Institute on a leadership scholarship. When she’s not composing and performing, she enjoys running, writing, baking and gardening.

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