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Music Performance


Conquer the attention of your audience by embodying the role of an advocate of music by sharing your passion in creative ways.

In - Depth

It's essential to the arts to have people that can bring out the magic of music through their performance and pull in the attention of listeners and audiences.  An artists' manner on stage and way of presenting themselves and their performance, their methods of getting the audience's interest and attention are all powerful tools.  Presenters wishing to excel in this category can take advantage of prefacing their performance with talk, humor and interactions and any other creative means of expression and connection to empower their performance.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Presentation - how well do you present and hold yourself.  Also how do you approach your expression on stage and how you deliver your performance.

Engagement -  how effective are you at grabbing the attention of your audience and holding onto it

Conviction - how convincing are you at what you're doing

Innovative - how fresh and new is your presentation or how fresh does it come across.

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