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Find ways to express music that's never been heard before and charms everyone away!


There's lots of music that has withstood ages and generations, but such music was once new and innovative, composed or performed in a way that was never heard or seen before.  Without new, there can be no progress to new heights and discoveries.  The difficult part is always finding something new that can connect the audience to your idea and get them to be able to follow along and join on your moving train of transformation.

General Criteria (평가기준)

New - purpose of innovation is to try and explore new ways of expressing and delivering music that enriches our experience of it from a new angle.  This is essential.

Cohessive - all elements of what you're doing must be wrapped neatly together in order for you to be able to string along others on your journey, especially people who may not arrive at the comprehension the same way you did.

Meaning - all the new needs to have a goal greater than just being different and "not done before." It needs to serve and express a meaning and connect to a feeling and the audience

Resonant -  the last and very important part of coming up with new creative interpretations and pursuits is for it to be innately clear enough that it can truly impact us and turn some heads.

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