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Allure with your expression and emotional delivery of the music!


The voice is known to be the most naturally lyrical instrument due to how much we can feel and hear the connection in the lines of music and the changes in music and sound being so smooth and emotional.  This is the root of the goal when trying to deliver a very lyrical performance, as well as having emphasis on delivering power of emotion in combination with a sensation of compassion and connection of what we're hearing to what we're feeling in a very personal way.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Great Voice Line Control - melody lines and other voices in the music should always be going somewhere and longing to connect and express something, luring the listener to follow its path.

Balance - with music having different moments or even voice lines, having a well thought out approach for balancing these in relation to each other and different sections is invaluable

Tone and Color - choice of tone type and colors can enhance and enrich the expression of the music.

Captivating Presence - moving in smooth and elegant ways can compliment the music's smoothness and blissful expression and therefore enhance the captivating elements of being lyrical.

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