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Girl Smelling Flowers


Present a small but highly impressive piece of music in the most magical way!


          Less is more when it comes to artists that fall in love with miniatures and stand-alone works.

There's something truly magical about small and often simple works of music being able to have some of the most powerful and charming effects on us.  This sort of music requires a unique technique and attention to detail and presentation in order to capture the magic hidden inside and bloom it to the listeners.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Short and Sweet - miniatures have to be concise in composition enough to really fit this unique form of performance and music expression.

Convincing - there's no time to warm up to the music, from first to last note the piece requires a very high and above preparation and spotless delivery to work.

Personality - it's crucial that we can hear you in the music and your own musicianship through it to make the performance personal and connect with the listener.

Presentation - Good planning and some attention to visual presentation can go a long way in making the final ironing out of this style and charming the audience into falling in love with the performance.

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