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Foggy Mountains


Reveal the depth and hidden meanings with your well thought-out expression!


          A philosophical and profound understanding and delivery of music can bring out some really moving, emotionally personal and jarring qualities.  Profound playing can be heard many times over and make us feel as if we never get enough because there's always more to understand and feel.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Unique Tempo Choice - tapping into a thorough and un-rushed interpretation isn't easy, and requires a particular approach to tempo in relation to the music to really deliver.

Use of Silence - profound playing requires valuing sound and silence equally and using silence as a major part of expression with the goal to captivate and draw in the listener.

Tone & Color - choice of tone type and colors can enhance and enrich the expression of the music.

Hypnotizing Presence - atmosphere and mood embracing movement and appearance can put the audience in the right aspect for receiving the depth of the music you are trying to convey.

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