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Flower Arrangements


Prepare a collection of music with a message and express yourself through dedicating to a theme!


Artists can prepare large programs of music surrounding some connection between them, be it a composer or a collection of that composer's works, or a message and style discovered by the artist.  It is invaluable to be able to prepare large collections of music and study a large grasp of the repertoire that exists and combine it into something massive.  This sort of performance can be grandeur and especially moving, as well as revealing connections for audiences that the most dedicated artists believe in and want to express.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Length and/or Variety - it is basic that a prepared program has either large variety or is dedicated to a consistent style and theme for large amounts of time.  Pondering over something grand takes a lot of music.

Connection - knowing a lot of repertoire is not enough without a meaning to tie it together, and such meaning needs to be heard beyond program notes and through playing and organized planning of order and presentation.

Immersion - the idea and goal of the program must captivate in a unique way that keeps the audience drawn in exploring your masterful concert as it goes on and keeping them engaged with you on what matters.

Story - it is extremely exciting to have a collection of music tell some sort of story and express something. This helps a program from becoming static and difficult to digest and is key to winning the audience over onto your journey of exploration.

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