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Dartboard Bullseye


Show off incredible speeds and blow us away with your crisp playing!


Playing music is just as athletic as any sport, requiring a large amount of precision and training to perfect the art.  Some musicians find excitement in pushing the bounds of fast playing to levels beyond our imagination and comprehension, showing the world what humans are capable of.  Swift performers work to push the metronome to its breaking point and impress in a clear cut way.

General Criteria (평가기준)

Extreme Tempo - speed of switching between notes and coordinating faster is one of the two key components to impressing the club of swift players.

Extreme Accuracy - accuracy of landing every note and change is the other key component to flashy playing.

Marvelous Presentation - playing fast is one thing, but looking as if you didn't break a sweat doing it and maybe had time to wink at the crowd can truly bring the heat to the audience.

Consistency - staying flashy is great an all, but doing it for the entire duration of a piece and testing on bigger and harder works without faltering is showing true mastery.

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