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Impress with your technique and astonish with your thrilling spark!

        Virtuosity is all about exciting and impressing the audience with a multitude of things artistically

mixed together including speed, technique, accuracy, and different types of intensity of expression.  The more virtuosic your performance, the more the audience will be captivated by your playing leaving an unforgettable star-like impression and a burst of excitement at the end!

General Criteria (평가기준)

Faster Tempos - these create large momentum and therefore a sense of danger in loss of control, therefore bringing excitement through the music.

Remarkable Accuracy -  pushing the limits of playing is only remarkable if the player stays in full capability and stability.

Challenging Choices
choice of more difficult options technically for purpose of both impression and no less musical cleverness.  These may include certain changes in fingerings, bowings, etc.

Dramatic Expression - the most striking resemblance of a virtuoso is their ability to drastically switch between different moods and modes of music with ease.  Will be on the look out for this.

Star-like Presencevisual presentation of the music can play a big role in impressing the audience as a virtuoso.  An "own the stage" presence is extremely effective and plays a big role here.

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